Whatever reason brings us onto our mats in the first place, we cannot hide from the depth of the practice we call yoga. This weekend intensive dives into the mystery of why yoga is so magical and so effective. We will endeavor to understand the complex history and lineage behind this 5000-year old practice; we will dive into ancient texts with discussion to bring them to modern-day relevance; and we will explore different methods yogis use to take their yoga beyond the asanas they practice on their mats.



The magic of yoga lies in the depth of the practice... so we must explore beyond the postures! This weekend intensive will take you deeper into your daily practice by covering the basics of breath (pranayama), energy locks (bandhas), the language of yoga, and the system of energetic anatomy (nadis and chakras). We will learn this material by integrating it right into our daily practices and by creating meaningful open discussions. After this intensive, you will be able to immediately and effectively weave these elements into your regular yoga practice.



Ever wonder why you can't get into a certain posture? Why something feels great or not so great? Ever have the desire to catapult your physical practice to the next level? Training students will go on a fascinating exploration of the human body as it practices yoga asana. During this weekend intensive you will be taken through dynamic and inspiring practices every day, learn anatomy and physiology as it relates directly to your yoga practice, and be able to watch demonstrations of postures. You will never look at your postures the same again! Students who participate in Anatomy & Bio-Mechanics for Yogis will find their practices shifting in a way that would normally take years of regular practice to uncover.



This playful and dynamic weekend intensive will have you seeing postures and the human body with whole new eyes! We will indulge in a strong, challenging personal practice every day, and then dive into posture clinics, where we will break down proper alignment and technique. Next, we will dig even deeper with partner work, demonstration of assists and practice assisting. You will receive training in basic Anatomy and Physiology as well as the basics of Thai Yoga Massage to help you in your confidence to take your practice to the next level, and to be able to safely and effectively deepen another person's practice. This weekend intensive is vital for those already teaching yoga or are hoping to teach in the future; and it is also greatly beneficial for students who are not interested in teaching, because the best way to deepen your personal practice is to understand how and why the postures work.