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Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg


Sara has had the privilege of being a professional Sports Massage Therapist, Bodyworker and Thai Massage instructor for 15 Years. She was introduced to Yoga and Bodywork as a child, and a Sports Massage-Physiotherapy later in life as an athlete. She has had the privilege of working with Advanced Sports Drs, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Trainers, and Nutritionist's. All of which, she acquired a great wealth of knowledge.

She is currently fulfilled with a private practice in Longmont Colorado. She works with amazing clients of all shapes and sizes, professions and desires for growth. Currently she is teaching Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Yoga Alliance Certifications, teaching and certifying level 1&2 Thai Yoga Massage therapists for the Thai Ministry of Health and Education.

Pura Vida!

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Jacob Corley CMT,FMS

Jacob began his journey as a Massage Therapist at the Easthampton Massage School in Western Massachusetts. It was there he found his passion for aiding the recovery and growth in both athletes, yogis and people with chronic pain. Since graduating, Jacob has trained with Kam Thye Chow, the founder of Lotus Palm School for Thai Yoga Massage, as well as the founder of Integrated Positional Therapy, Lee Albert. Jacob also worked at Kripalu, North Americas largest yoga retreat, nestled in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Jacob's clinical massage practice specializes in Injury Recovery and Prevention by integrating both Eastern and Western medicines. This includes Functional Movement Screenings, Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Jacob's Therapeutic Massage treatments are customized to meet the needs of the individual and help bring long term relief by addressing the root cause of their pain and not just the symptom.

Jacob's passion for life is expressed through his work and his lifestyle. When not working Jacob finds himself traveling, climbing, and fly fishing.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Radha Bhatngar, CMT

Radha Bhatnagar moved from Lawrence, Kansas to Longmont, Colorado in 2003 to attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. While attending BCMT, she was trained in many styles of massage such as Zen Shiatsu, Ortho-pedic and Sports Massage, Prenatal/Postpartum and Trigger Point. Radha graduated with over 1000 credit hours and was first hired at a Chiropractic office in Louisville, CO. Shortly thereafter she started her own business and began building a practice in Longmont. In 2006 Radha had an opportunity to study abroad in India and learn about Auyervedic massage techniques and its benefits. Radha met Sara in 2011 and they became friends and colleagues. This evolved into an apprentice/mentor relationship and through the years she has enhanced her knowledge of sports massage techniques. Radha’s massage style focuses on body alignment and function as well as spiritual and emotional balance.