Sara is known for her skills as an exceptional bodyworker and healer, and for her uncanny ability to offer knowledge and wisdom that directly impacts and benefits the lives of her clients and students. As a massage therapist, Sara has been studying and practicing since 2000; in that time she has also owned and run her own businesses, trained and mentored new therapists, traveled the world, and become not only a highly respected and sought-after bodyworker, but also a powerful teacher.

Students who study with Sara will receive not only the highest level of training in and understanding of body mechanics and anatomy, they will also learn HOW and WHY the practice of yoga works on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Sara's students learn to see bodies in a way that will transform how they practice, how they teach others to practice, and how they can really be present with people in their lives. One of the qualities that makes Sara such a powerful healer is her ability to ask the right questions, and to really listen; she teachers her students to know what to ask, how to listen, and how best to help. After studying with Sara, students will have confidence that takes some teachers years to achieve!