Thai Massage for Yogi's : Deepening your Practice

The Healing Art of Thai Massage is an ancient and sacred practice that was discovered 2,500 years ago by Dr Shivago. This therapeutic art was directly rooted in the Indian healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, and appeared in the sacred temples of Thailand. 

This powerful modality can have profound effects on deepening your yoga practice by increasing range of motion, freeing blocked energy around your body’s meridian lines, known as Sen/Nadis, and deepening your meditation practice. By having the opportunity to disengage your physical body, you give your mind the ability to access different states of subtle energy layers known as Koshas, all while being gently guided and placed through a series of yoga postures. 

Thai Massage is a great way to assist in moving blocked energy around the body. When energy lines are blocked and energy is not flowing freely around the body you will experience lack of motivation and creativity, low energy levels, and restricted range of motion.  As Yogi’s this is a challenging situation when we are trying to deepen our asana practice. It takes a great amount of energy to progress through blocks in your practice, so it is crucial to have as much free available energy as possible to help progress through your practice. 

With Thai Massage's root so deeply connected to Yoga and Ayurveda, the goal of the practitioner is to help the client achieve balance, which is the ultimate goal of any Yoga. We all know and love the feeling of harmony within the body, Your mood is stable, your body is pain free, you feel waves of enlightenment coming from all directions, and you just simply feel good! A balanced yoga practice with daily meditation and regular bodywork is a great way to help your body achieve complete balance and ensure a long healthy life filled with happiness. 

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